Album Review: Suede & Eddy K (Seattle / San Diego) – Panic Attack LP

Panic Attack LP is a very uplifting, modern & diverse boom bap style album featuring Suede & Eddy K who compliment each other very well.  From two different parts of the Westcoast north and south, this duo will  influence other MC’s to reach out to other artists to produce projects no matter where they are from.  This 15 track LP showcases great music representing Underground Hip Hop to the fullest.  After listening to this album from front to back I was able to appreciate and respect they aggressive effortless rhyme schemes, articulation & humorous storytelling techniques which was a style that I have never heard before.

The mixing and mastering on this LP is flawless, nice crisp banging beats with clear vocals telling me that they really took their time to make sure it was nothing but QUALITY.  My favorite track on this LP is “Bad Words” great song that is easy to absorb and respect “A STRAIGHT UP BANGER!!” ………………

Suede & Eddy K, a duet from both corners of the west coast have been diligently performing all over the northwest for the past 3 years. Suede Born and raised in the Seattle area and Eddy K in San Diego California have developed a unique style for this album. Divided into 3 acts, this album changes energy to showcase this duo’s diversity from Guitar heavy tracks, to 808 drums, dance tracks, emotional stories and even borderline horrorcore, this albumn covers all the bases.



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