Album Review: Ysimonis (Miami, FL) – Regular N*gg#

ysimonis music artwork_final copy

If there is one word to describe “Regular N*gg#” by Ysimonis, it would be “explicit”.  Keeping a great fundamental beat sound more on a trap style, yet with lyrics that are overwhelmingly vulgar.  Right from the bat with the first track titled “Pussay”, anyone would realize what kind of listening experience that are getting into.  For all the dudes that are really out there to pick up on bitches and party all day every day this is the album for you.  A few songs on this album got me cracking up but at the end of the day Ysimonis has a great rhyme pattern, delivery, clear cadence & Hip Hop style that is truly effortless.

Honestly I really can’t remember an album similar to this one.  It is a true stand out CLASSIC album along side being so vulgar yet still has a great Hip Hop flavor and swag to every song.  Complementing this album with a great video for the track “Donald Duck”, it has to be one of the hardest tracks on the album…………………..@UGHHBLOG               “MALE DOMINATION TO THE FULLEST”……lol

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