BA5E.Hundred – “Gone For Good” LP (Review)

BA5E.Hundred is a group out of Palm Springs, CA who recently released their game changing LP titled “Gone For Good” 4 years in the making. Why do we say its game changing, well all you have to do is listen to it and understand that this group consists of 2 brothers! You can clearly hear the creativity and originality displayed by both of these dudes (DJ BA5E and L.Hundred). It’s a rare project when you consider the fact that they are bros but most importantly I feel they hold each other accountable when their in the lab. The beats produced by DJ BA5E are insane, there is the whole lot of thought behind his sounds making sure it’s exactly what he wants to put out. And for MC L.Hundred, just listen to his knowledge and professionalism in his delivery and cadence.

My favorite track is “Stand Guard” where L.Hundred explains his inner struggle with a personal relationship with somewhat a subliminal person and Hip Hop itself, it’s a super deep track that will have to be replayed to fully absorb his story. The production on this song only adds to its powerful sound. Another track to look out for is “Favorite Sweater” which is a track about a dangerous girl who is too good to be true only to realize it was a bad move. Lets just say almost everyone I know can relate to this track regarding the bitch taking your favorite sweater. That was the first thing I thought about when I heard this track, I even told myself “Dam!!..My ex did take my sweater literally!” Well this is how I took his story just my opinion!!..LOL

Anyways there are plenty of tracks on the LP that will indeed cater to any Hip Hop fan that is looking for some fresh new Hip Hop. I noticed that they even looped their own vocal samples rather than using some other artist samples as you normally hear in plenty of other projects. I really enjoyed to listen with 100% appreciation and they earned our respect, that’s for sure!! We also have to salute BA5E.Hundred for releasing this as a FREE DOWNLOAD on soundcloud. Smart move to make sure they don’t lose any potential new fan.

Overall we give this project a 7/10 rating, We are sure they will progress and get better as time goes on but as of now they both hold their own nuts in this Hip Hop game!  WARNING…..The Intro is super solid and will pull you into the project for sure!!

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