Big Stacks x Nite Tyme – “The Balance Of Power” (Album Review)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin based emcee Nite Tyme partners with Fayetteville, North Carolina based producer Big Stacks dropping their new album “Balance of Power” featuring unreleased material from 2005 to 2007. This album flows together from beginning to end with high vibrational substance and wordplay. Big Stacks and Nite Tyme could have been released in any era and transcend to music lovers.

The album begins with the “Introduction”, announcing the HIP-HOP take over starts within the culture. This is the era where we have to set the atmosphere for forthcoming Emcees. “I’m Different” highlights the individualism of Nite Tyme and these are truly the attributes to being a great Emcee. The production screams at you, sample-based and magical from start to finish by Big Stacks.

The Balance of Power by Big Stacks & Nite Tyme

The album continues with “Help Me” a cry out from HIP-HOP to her children and admirers who live the “I AM” concept. The 1st thing I noticed was the smooth sounding production that envelopes the lyrics, personal fav off the album based on the concept and sonic sound. “Struggle Of Life” emits inspiring vibes & intentions, very powerful song from all angles. Nite Tyme allures the listeners with his storytelling ability and melodic sounds that make for a joyful listen. The compilation continues with the self titled song “Night Tyme” surly a lyrical onslaught, the timing and witty word play makes this song that much more engaging, as does the comedic overtones and precise lyrics.

“Black Girl” is a much-needed song in the urban community as our own children have been brain washed to believe our women aren’t good enough because of their strong identifying natures. This not only causes dysfunctional mindsets but a trickle down effect in the household. Nite Tyme shines a light on why he loves black women and the power that they unknowingly have over society.

“Hoopers” featuring Aji goes hard on all wannabe rappers, thugs, artists etc. It’s about finding the power of oneself and using it to cultivate the best you possible, and the only way to do this is by knowing thyself. Aji finds his pocket on this cut as he adds his perspective 16 matching Nite Tymes presence and tempo, these two create incredible chemistry.

“Do You Need Love” is magic, I had to listen to it a few times and grasp the melodies and concept. I was blown away by the structure and catchy vibes. This track allows you to create a video in your mind as its silky smooth chorus aligns this one to be a hit. “Ghetto Noise” seems Dj inspired, packed with high energy lyrical content. It’s like stepping into to a time machine, reminds me of the golden age sound we all fell in love with. I can see this album going very far, follow Big Stacks & Nite Tyme for news & updates.

Highlight: Originality & Production

Rating 9/10

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