Billy NoJokes & Bass Estrada – “The Molotov Cocktail” EP (Album Review)

Rising North County San Diego, CA based underground Hip-Hop artist Billy NoJokes teams up with Russian producer Bass Estrada, dropping their new EP, titled, “The Molotov Cocktail“.

‘The Molotov Cocktail’ is a first helping for most, the bases to build trust with newfound fans in a quick collective of hot new songs. 8-tracks of collaborative infusion between a variety of styles, combined to deliver explosive results. A new wave that spreads to the masses through the two’s distinctive personalties. It’s showtime.

The project is littered in special DJ cutz customized by Bass Estrada. Sticking with the theme, the production is fast pace, high-octane, and transcending. Backing Billy Nojokes words to a tee, Bass sound takes us beyond the surface and into new realm of sound.

Hear Billy NoJokes & Bass Estrada’s New EP, ‘The Molotov Cocktail’ below, courtesy of Spotify.

Looming over the EP’s energetic production, the project’s lyricism controls the flow of the project with it’s impactful punchlines and surprisingly worthy creativity. Coming into direct contact with the new sound will instantly infect your ears will audible treats. Billy and Bass shine the brightest on the charismatic cut, “My Own”.

Living up to the title, Billy and Bass deliver an explosive collective of collaborative new material. The two rising star’s chemistry is electrifying from beginning to end. While the two may have errors and drawbacks throughout the project, the two are so in synch that it happens collectively and showcases the unbreakable bond between the two that will instantly enlighten fans of both. While more collectively than individually, upon the EP’s exit, many will be excited to hear more from the partners in the future. The project is created on the root of unity and flourishes on the manifested strength of astonishing creativity.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Concept

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