Bliss Consciousness – “BANDIT” (Album Review)

New York City is the birth of Hip-Hop. The region is known and prideful of its undoubtedly ruthless competitive nature. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere is the moniker to identify success in the Big Apple. Hungry to succeed, NYC’s Bliss Consciousness anticipates to wake people up on his new album, “BANDIT“.

‘Bandit’ is a hardship body of work that tells the upbringing of the Suffolk County, Long Island-native. 15-tracks of Bliss speaking on the death of his friends, turning to drug dealing to survive, love in Hip-Hop, and current social injustice. Overcoming obstacles from both sides of the game, Bliss Consciousness arises a new man with lessons learned and a story to tell over the kicks and snares.

Bliss’ lyrical prowess isn’t of a Talib Kweli but it’s his tone that makes the artist unique. Vocals are hard as concrete and recite a tremendous amount of pain but at the same time speaks volumes of triumphant in the hard exterior. Bliss doesn’t dive deep with the metaphors or wordplay but maintains a steady level of interest with his realism and cold demeanor.

Cracking through the surface, Bliss express a lot of honesty in his lyrics. He is understood through the mental effect living in harsh reality has on a man and when it takes it’s toll on the body and mind.

Bliss loves the ladies, addicted to the ladies, comparing them to an addiction similar to love. On tracks like “All Alone”, “What!”, and “It’s All Good”. Infatuation leads to break-up and depression as the emcee is love sick on several songs as he spits from the sunken place on the track, “Diamond”. Not putting all the issues on the lover, Bliss carries a heavy burden of the destruction of relationships and expresses his faults openly. Very explicit with the details that will leave you intrigued.

Listen to ‘Bandit’ below.

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The production is traditional East Coast Boom Bap. As soundtrack to Bliss’ story-telling, the instrumentals are started off joyful, then takes an eerie turn in the climax, remain that way as the album concludes. Deep bass, Deeper horns, and powerful keys, builds an unpredictable ending awaiting to be explored.

Content built for an older Hip-Hop audience, Bliss’s sound is something that is empowering but not digestible daily. Periodical, ‘Bandit’ delivers an empowering message that holds merit; it’s just not that catchy hypnotizing hit factor that is on the radio dial. While not necessary, ‘Bandit’ is made for the backpackers and not the corporations. It speaks to the streets and isn’t just about the dark side of the Big Apple but about the hustle and opportunity of change in the city that doesn’t sleep.

Rating: 7/10
Highlights: Attitude

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