CaptainCur3 – “Level Three” EP (Album Review)

Anaheim, CA up and coming underground Hip Hop artist CaptainCur3 drops possibly one of the most potent and original indie EP’s for 2017!  His style and flow is extremely articulate, vivid and full of influential substance.  He is a master in story-telling, allowing listeners to paint their own pictures in their head, accompanied with a smooth yet comforting cutting-edge conscious Hip Hop.  The beats on this EP are truly one of a kind as well!  With songs like ” Knight Time (Aloha)” which takes you far away in your imagination allowing  you to relate to his frustrations and leading you throughout the story cause of course, he is the Caption of the ship.

“Pseudonym” is another powerful song, he speaks on his hard road to becoming a Hip Hop artist, battling his darkest demons and insecurities.  Basically make it known to “Fuck Life”, low-key subliminal to all his haters.  It’s all about being “You” when it comes to real underground Hip Hop!  This So-Cal MC definitely has a solid career ahead of him in this music business.  maybe on his next album, he will have already battled his demons and flip the script to a positive note! I am personally gals to see a Anaheim , CA based Hip Hop artist really get the shine he deserves.  Make sure to support and listen to this quick EP!  You wont regret it!  Dont forget, he is the Captain of the ship!!  I just want to mention that this album is perfect for all you weed smokers out there! A true mood setter, for sure!!

RATING: 7/10

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