Common – Made In Black America (ft. Ab-Soul)


Common – Made In Black America (ft. Ab-Soul)

When it comes to intelligent, untethered lyricism very few are on Common and Ab-Soul’s level, which is one of the reasons why this song that dropped only a few hours ago goes so hard. Made In Black America is their first collab and is produced by Common’s legendary long-time production partner No I.D., so I would expect nothing less than quality with these three phenomenal artists all on the same song. The rigid riff instrumental acts as a perfect backdrop for both MCs to lay down some extremely compelling bars.

Common is releasing his tenth studio album Nobody Smiling sometime this year, and No I.D. is the sole producer for the entire project. The album title Nobody Smiling is derived from Common’s sentiments towards the horrendous gun violence in his home city of Chicago, which he has been actively criticizing a lot lately.

“Made in Black America, takin’ threats from a terrorist. We will never meet but the media feed hysteria, and I be inferior, if I be in fear of ya. More godly than gluttonous, but my supper’s superior. You know the difference ‘tween the kids with the lunch tickets and the ones with the money, in the cafeteria.”

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My Song Rating: 9.0 out of 10

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