Evan Tyler – “MUSEUMARANG” Album (Review)

Evan Tyler MUSEUMARANG (Album)

Rising Canadian rapper Evan Tyler drops his brand new very original album “MUSEUMARANG“,  a crazy creative project that will surprise all Hip Hop fans.  His sound has a heavy trans sound, mixed with unorthodox beats and rhymes.  This 17 track album allows fans to really understand Evan Tyler, the way he comes across every track is interesting always staying is character mode.   “DROID KITES” has to be one of the most solid tracks I’ve heard for 2016 underground Hip Hop.  That being said, you can only imagine his potential for this very over-saturated Hip Hop game.

His collaborations featuring Ira Lee, producer, and turntable wizard 73stan, Lauren Fournier, and Vanessa John shows us he is truly open to working with other hard-working musicians in the game.  Let’s be real, doesn’t matter if your collabs are with huge names or with real up and comers, at the end of the day it’s all about the final product.  I’m sure Evan Tyler has plenty of haters who consider it weird, but that’s exactly what he wants.  Knowing that he is truly ORIGINAL is what real Hip Hop is all about.

I highly recommend to support this project and download it ASAP.  The full album is available on Bandcamp!

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