Gawds – “The Other Side” (Album Review)

Gawds rising group out of Baltimore Maryland releases his latest album “The Other Side“, My 1st impression based on the cover art was gory emo Hip-Hop, The baby on the cover seemed like the sonic sound would be  grimy by nature. Baltimore has always been top in the country when it comes to murder rate natural the music created is one with dual aspects that shows the chaos and another that shows the hope this can be dance, lyrical substance etc  by the end of this album we will determine were this album takes us.

“Chosen” was a stand out track the substance and lyrical content was raw and the chemistry was refined fitting perfectly together as both artist complimented eachother. I liked the fierce approach the rhyme scheme as the delivery is tightly sealed. I can see a great visual coming out of this song if done right it has all the right elements just need mobilization.

“Dark Hollywood” is about the other side of Hollywood , I absolutely love this song as its layers and emotional outpour, I can forsake see this on the radio. The vocalist added a gritty beautiful hook that keeps you intune the whole time, This song reminds me of  “The Worlds An Addiction” by Nas and Anthony Hamilton it digs deep into what’s really going on inside Hollywood.

“No Tomorrow” is still within the theme of the dark overtones but more so inspiring showing the dirt transmuting into gold. The east coast vibe and lyrical rhyme structure is appealing ,what I like is the Gawds is able to switch his style during and give us different flavors as the song continues. The Cassidy and Nas sample was an added touch that rounded the song off making it nostalgic and vibrant.”No Time for you” reminds me sonically of bizzybone then quickly changes as the verses create a unique resonance from the rising Broward county artists there snow unification just drops in the right places.

“DayDream” was a hard hitting unapologetic song about following your dreams but make it reality by making it a day dream. The irony of the song concepts taps into common sense as it could mean multiple meanings depending on your approach.”Aint Losing” starts with a horror movie style piano  andThe Gawds dives right in matching the raw gory style which is under lining the sound of the album.

The hook makes me reminisce of 50 cents early days with the low tone melodic cadence. “Move” was an exciting song, happy but ego driven like a Ludichris “Get Out The Way” smash hit. “Outlandish” was all Bars I knew it off top the production was cold and set up the artist to speak they’re cyclones. Follow the group on there website social media and Spotify for music and news updates.

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Substances & Delivery, Song Arrangement

Dislikes: None

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