JWOOD – “RAW 7 UNCUT” (Mixtape Review)

The Trap inspired album “Raw & UnCut” released by JWOOD gave me a lot of down south vibes mixed with mid-west sonic vibration. I can tell this is a effortless and fun for the Broward County, FL artist. I can also hear more unconventional artist like Master P who also allure the artist rap psyche. The temperature of FL has always been party based and we can see these hype elements throughout the album as JWOOD shows of his stellar confidence and slick wordplay.

From 1st Glance I expected a raw and gritty album just as the title implied, The melodic street bars and catchy hooks reminds me of such Artist like Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy etc especially in “Rounds” were the choppy flow parallels such cadences and energy. In Trap music confidence and delivery is key and JWOOD has it locked in. The production is crazy elevates the flawless delivery by the “Raw 7” uncut artist.

“Off Top” was one of those songs that needs a video, this visual will translate perfectly as the production  makes it easy to follow along. The rhyme scheme is continues throughout  the album but what JWOOD is able to do is add a swag unmatched which helps the song become transparent. I can see this song being picked up for urban style movies.

“No Scholar Ship” was for-sure a street anthem I can see this song being played in cars for the bass and rhythmic sound. Another trap themed song were Im just waiting for a Rick Ross feature.  As the album continues we run into “By Myself” the production on this track Is lite but the content darkens the mood into a punk style trap sound I can see this thriving in scenes like Necro etc, the sonic vibe would fit right in. “Peeps” gave off a hustler music vibe, I can see this record being played on sir-us radio stations and college radio. everybody needs that hood anthem and JWood has plenty on this album the streets will mobilize along with top tier visual

“5 On it Pt 2” was a jewel I really liked how he drilled the rhyme scheme into the song very creative , As the album continues JWood exhibits his arrangement of songs showing off his song writing ability.  When an artist understands how they write music it can be dangerous in the world of publishing were I see JWood thriving in the future. For more music and to stay updated with news and visuals follow JWood on social media @JWOODI95 and Spotify.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Lyrical, Dope Beats, Attitude, Putting on BROWARD COUNTY, FL

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