Kid Kold – “The Black Gang” EP (Album Review)

Toronto has introduced the world to a wide variety of new game changing artists. Next up to confirm that fact is native Kid Kold with his new EP, ‘The Black Gang‘. Coming from the 6, a city with a wide cultural atmosphere that trades from a lot of foreign traditions, it will be interesting to review what the underground has to offer in today’s Hip-Hop. While the city is known for its hits, not known so much for its sharp emcee skills.

Six tracks to the brain, “The Black Gang” is a capsule of the early 00s street edgy hardcore rhymes as Kid Kold pays homage to the most recognizable street recording artists like Freeway, Ghostface Killah, Styles P, and more of the Young, Wild, and Reckless. Kid Kold weaves in and out of the classic bars with his own in your face cold clockers from the mouth. Coming hardest on the soulful sampled, “Everything Depends on You”.

Using the greats to lure in his audience, Kid Kold keeps their attention with outstanding displays of wordplay and street heavy strong-arm robbery attention in the tone of every word he spits. Hypnotizing soulful samples for production that are timeless. Kold selects a body of beats that will take you back but balance out the present day popularity.

Listen to ‘The Black Gang’ EP below, courtesy of Spotify.

Kold to the ear, Kid Kold’s new EP is a smooth introduction by the Toronto up-and-coming. Clout with vintage lyricism easily inspired by the East Coast’s iconic 90’s Hip-Hop. A student to the game, Kid Kold is on the dean list with these passing verses on the final test. While still determined if Kid Kold is a follow-up to city greatness, early sign are visible and interest is definitely peaked.

Ratings: 7/10

Highlights: Lyricism

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