King Khazm – “Diaries of a Mad” (Album Review)

Several years ago, Seattle was one of the brightest landscapes in Hip-Hop for breakout new talent thanks to newfound hitmakers like Macklemore. While silent momentarily since the explosion, eager to make a return to the top prospect relies on new up-and-coming talents like the city’s own King Khazm. Khazm is making his Nationwide debut with his new album, ‘Diaries of a Mad’.

An intriguing title and concept, King Khazm emerging sound is a 13-track full-length of pure classic Hip-Hop. The King thrives on the meat and potatoes of rhyming and provides a heavy but healthy dose of traditional Hip-Hop. Proving structure, standards, and vintage wordplay, ‘Diaries of a Mad’ digs deep into King Khazm personally and tells the story of the Seattle hopefuls rise to greatness.

Hear King Khazm New LP, ‘Diaries of a Mad’, courtesy of Apple Music.

“Lost Treasure”, “Dear Diary”, “Final Entry”, King Khazm personal touch is key on the new project. Realism, Khazm creatively tells-all in his new effort, listeners will admire his frustrations, identifying failures, and aspirations of greatness. Leaving no stone unturned, King Khazm’s prowess on the album is undeniable and creates a unique star power that often develops cult-like following fan base. Reviving the popularity of Seattle Hip-Hop once again.

The album is constructively solid from beginning to end. Thought-provoking production, personal lyricism, and clever story-telling, ‘Diaries of a Mad’ is an easter egg for Seattle Hip-Hop. Ready to be the King his city needs, King Khazm may illustrate the heavy that wears the crown but prepared to helm the new age of Seattle Hip-Hop and lead the pack into greatness. Real recognize real and King Khazm is very much familiar.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Concept

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