Kurt Hazard – “Radio Wav. Communication” EP (Album Review)

New York is currently in a rebuilding process for its newfound breakout stars. Enters up-and-coming recording artist Kurt Hazard. Kurt Hazard is a Long Island, New York rising star catching attention thanks to his two recent singles, “U Love the Rain” and “Amnesia”. Fueling the success of the two singles and moving in a timely fashion, Kurt drops off a first impression to newfound fans in new EP, ‘Radio Wav. Communication’.

The five-track EP is a blend of smooth R&B and trendsetting rhymes. Nothing hazardous about Kurt’s sound at all, clean sound built for the radio, a new strain of New York Hip-Hop that ushers in the new frontier of Hip-Hop. A desired sound that spreads outside of the East Coast’s signature rough sound that travels to other regions fast and impressionable. Support from the home front is important for establishing a foundation for a lengthy successful career.

Hear “Radio Wav. Communication” below via Soundcloud.

Kurt Hazard has a lot of emotion on the EP and fearlessly delivers a psychological and definitive expression of feelings. While describing moments in time, Kurt’s realism on multiple layers is outstanding and amusing. Hazard’s lyricism appeal to be therapeutic, especially on the track, “Delusional”. The Underground act is a formidable wordsmith when it comes to describing the difficulties that we all face when its comes to love. Shakespeare would be proud at this star in the making.

Kurt’s production is filled with soulful sampling to provide impact to his emotional approach. Sonically, the project sticks to a lo-fi tempo that focuses his vocals and it is suitable. Smooth as the ocean waves, the production carried a tone that was catchy from beginning to end. The flow of sound hypnotized and provided a sense of comfort that made it is to become a fan of Kurt’s rising sound. Production’s samples provided layers that rooted a mood that you will return to nightly.

Adding to the couple of previously released singles, Kurt’s five-track appetizer is an acquired taste at best. The mixture of production throws off the quality, but the flow of the project maintains a steady and stable course of mystic that carries serious value. Recommended, a full project between Kurt and producer Yondo (“U Love the Rain”) would be an intriguing project that could take Kurt’s sound to the next level. Overall, ‘Radio Wav. Communication’ has a certain mass appeal that can be the root of a highly potential future of possibility for this new artist.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Production

Follow Kurt Hazard on Twitter: @Kurt_Hazard

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