M.A.V. & Giallo Point – “Hoodlum” (Album Review)

M.A.V. is an emcee that some may be familiar with as a member of Da Cloth, a group that’s been taking over the New York underground for the past year or 2 now. He just dropped an incredible collab album with Rob Gates & Big Ghost Ltd. in mid-July called The Dark Side of Nature but not even a couple weeks later, M.A.V. has seen for to team up with Giallo Point for his full-length debut.

After the intro, the first song “Prepaids & Plush Planning” with Mooch sees both of them talking about the dealer life over a dark instrumental with a rapid keyboard sample whereas the next track “Face Value” pays tribute to his significant other over a laidback boom bap beat. The track “Hand in Hand” with Ty Farris & Asun Eastwood finds the 3 painting some dark imagery over a dark yet minimal instrumental while the song “Are You Not Entertained?” with Rigz sees the 2 going at their opposition over a boom bap beat with a grim synth-line.

The track “First 2 a 3rd” with King Bub Rock goes on about cooking up coke in their auntie’s houses over an airy instrumental while the song “Protocol” gets back with Rigz to speak on betrayal & death over a bloodcurdling beat. “The Lion” calls out those who’ve never been on his level over a cinematic instrumental & before a 1-minute outdo, the final song “Remember” with Rigz & Tekk9 speaks on how the work they all put in will be worth it at the end of day on top of a solemn boom bap beat.

Wasn’t expecting another album to come so quickly after The Dark Side of Nature, but I’m glad it did because this is another yet crown jewel in M.A.V.’s ever-growing discography. Giallo Point continues to be one of the best underground producers in the game today, as he provides a fantastic musical backdrop for M.A.V.’s gritty lyrics.

Score: 8/10

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