Mixtape Review: Benjimin – “The Rapture”


Canadian Hip Hop just got a rejuvenation when it comes to a brand new sound.  Benjimin​ is a rising Hip Hop artists who just released his latest Mixtape titled “The Rapture”.  It incorporates 11 tracks that will blow anyone away with his RAW talent and Hip Hop Knowledge.  His fast and steady delivery along with his cadence it truly original.  I have not heard of any Canadian Hip Hop that truly expresses street life and depicts a curious Hip Hop lifestyle from Benjimin to say the least.  From front to back all tracks are true BANGERS!!

“So Drunk So Gone” is probably my favorite track on this Mixtape along with “Where My Real ****** At”.  To be honest the one song that got stuck in my head was “A New Day”.  Overall Benjimin is a true ORIGINATOR for all of Canadian Underground Hip hop!  I have already downloaded this whole album to my iPod since it available for FREE on Bandcamp……………PS.  The Beats Are Fuckin AMAZING!!!!


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