Mixtape Review: Kevin B. – “Late Arrival Reloaded”

Kevin B.‘s latest Mixtape is exactly what 2015 Hip Hop needs.  His lyrical output and cadence is PERFECT to say the least.  He is very articulate on his latest Mixtape “Late Arrival Reloaded” hitting all the critics in the Underground scene and Mainstream.  He definitely has all the talent and potential to take it to the next level going, national and global.  Right from the 1st track and last this Mixtape offers 100% substance and stories that will get you hooked and become an instant FAN. This Mixtape has 15 tracks of solid fresh Hip Hop, especially track “Dreams” a track that everyone can relate too.  His powerful messages and content is memorable and we really appreciate an artist like this who know exactly what it takes to become a great MC.  A Mixtape is very hard to stand out but for Kevin B. it was a “piece of cake”!

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