Kevin B. – “Life Of A Dreamer” (Mixtape Review)

Kevin B artist from Capitol Heights, MD drops a new mixtape titled “Life Of A Dreamer”. The introduction uses a comedic approach as the artist is on the job explaining he has a bigger mission than what he’s doing currently, his co-worker who is older doesn’t quite understand the ambition. Unique flow from the beginning I loved the concept it all aligned together before the tape even got into full swing. “Sunday Morning” produced by Teauxny  brings a hometown feel to the album. I can sense Kevin B’s vocal comfortability and confidence, it allows the listener to take a smooth ride all the way through to the hook. The background sample added an extra fire that would be perfect for fairs and festivals.

“Mullah” Produced by DG Beats gets the listener in the mood, the trap beat is for sure a turn up balance for the album.”Usher” is an homage song to the legend as Kevin B adds his own touch to it and gives the listener a new approach. ” The Wave” produced by Flash beats feat Mickey Trifecta, creates a lyrical and fun environment all at the same time. Kevin B exhibits Big Sean’s Supa Dupa Flow also paying homage to the Chi-Town great.

The compilation keeps running as the next song “Imagine” plays through the speakers a beautiful song all around from the lyrics to the translucent hook by Shamain. “Imagine” goes deep inside the artists’ thoughts and intentions as Kevin B touches on the political state of indigenous people in his artistry. Peace of mind is what they fight for instead of creating their own, this song speaks volumes with its substance and melodic atmosphere.

“Hold Me Down” produced by Jeejuh is  all about truth, its underlying tone is saying what most people won’t say. Kevin B puts it all out there with his thought-provoking lyricism and passion as he breaks down the thought process of our people, even if it’s through his own narrative. “Agnes Hands” transitions the album to 2nd half as the skit includes a soul singer Philander who easily connects with the spirit of anyone listening. The magic behind this short song was perfect because everyone has a grandma, and in most families she holds an important role as she helps raise all the kids in her family.

“The Submission”produced by Teauxny allows the listener to see the scene instantly. Kevin B creates a story about how every man has had that one woman he likes and tries to show his true feelings to but she’s been so hurt in the past she’s hesitant. “The Claim” produced by AndreOnTheBeat is the follow-up story from the previous song, it shows he developed that relationship and now they represent each other.  The hook to this cut is really dope wordplay and substance, now the claim is official.  Follow Kevin B on Facebook Twitter and IG for new music & updates.

Rating: 8.7

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