Mixtape Review: Politicize (Philadelphia, PA) – Codename: Assassin


A real solid “IN YOUR FACE!!” Mixtape delivered by Politicize out of the Philly area. “Codename: Assassin” offers a whole new feel & perspective on political Hip Hop for 2014. Mixing up Raw Death Rap, Conscious & Political styles all in one he has been able to create a whole new fresh sound. Speaking upon the Wack MC as well, Politicize understands to always keep the true elements of Hip Hop into every track on this project. His unique Rhymes Style and pattern in impressive, keeping every word super sharp and articulate with low and high pockets all over this project. A whole new wave of Political MC’s are spotting up everywhere but clearly we have not come across a MC’s as talented as Politicize.

“Hip Hop is Not”, “Constant Warfare” & “Silver Lining” ft. Red Mcfly are tracks we highly recommend listening too. With a dope female voice sample on “Silver Lining” which adds a crazy elagent yet brutal element to the song. Overall we want to shout out Politicize for not allowing all this materialistic bullshit and false glamour influence or effect his life. He is a true Political MC and we are looking forward to more music from him………………..@UGHHBLOG

Mixtape Download Links: http://politicizerise.com/





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