Raw Black – “I Am Raw Black” Mixtape (Review)

Raw Black releases his latest mixtape titled “I Am Raw Black” we define as a true introduction to his music for the masses.  He has 8 tracks on this mixtape and from beginning to end it filled with great talent, substance and street knowledge.  His style and delivery are effortless, although we believe as he grows his brand he will sound better and better.  But only time will tell right?…  The production on this project fits great with his lyrical talent.

Underground Hip Hop is universal throughout the world Raw Black is an up and coming MC who is clearly planning on leaving a mark in this industry.  “Rigamortis” is one song that really stood out to me, he really goes in with his story and his perspective on Hip Hop, also his self-titled track has a feeling that is heavy and important letting fans know he is deff a true MC.  Overall this mixtape is an impressive project for 2016.

Our favorite track is “Part Of The Plan” calling on all Hip Hop heads, check out this song!

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