ScHoolboy Q – Blind THreats (ft. Raekwon)


Next week on Tuesday ScHoolboy Q‘s 3rd album Oxymoron officially drops, and it leaked today if you haven’t already heard the news. I predicted that it would be better than his last album Habits & Contradictions, which I did an album review for. Today I’ve been listening to Oxymoron on repeat…and yes, it’s definitely an overall more cohesive and enjoyable album. It even boasts the nearly perfect knockout punch Yay Yay (my second favorite ScHoolboy Q song only to Sacrilegious). The biggest issue I have with Habits & Contradictions is that multiple subpar songs ended up being mixed into the track list, and Oxymoron fortunately avoids this problem by better maintaining a consistent quality throughout the entire album.

Blind THreats is one of the more noteworthy songs off of Oxymoron. When the track list was first released and I saw that Raekwon was featured I knew this would be a standout song. Q said in an interview that Blind THreats is his favorite track off the album. It’s a damn solid piece of work, but I was honestly still hoping for more. The choppy, vibraphone laced instrumental, produced by Lord Quest, has a lot of character and really makes this song stand out. ScHoolboy Q definitely does the beat justice, but his verses of duality are ultimately outdone by Raekwon’s ruggedly smooth flow and clever lyricism. Not by much though. I also wish Raekwon helped out with the chorus in some way because it’s the weakest portion of the song in my opinion.

“Why the ones who commit the worst sins live the best? The 10 commandments, I can mark five checks. But I sense flaws, the Bible preaching blind threats. Streets held me down, got faith in a Pyrex. Faith in a four-five, I call it the clarinet.”

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My Song Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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