Dough Networkz Presents: T.F & Local Astronauts – “Skanless Summer EP” (Review)

Los Angeles MC T.F joined forces with Local Astronauts and Dough Networkz Presents to release not only a dope 10 track EP with “Skanless Summer,” but what also could be considered more of a Hip Hop audio movie describing a day in LA during Summer.  It is no secret that T.F is a movie buff, and off rip we get a nod to the legendary Halloween antagonist with the album’s first track “Michael Myers.”

T.F then flips the channel to some pro wrestling, giving a nod to the first WWF North American Heavyweight Champ “Ted DiBiase” with a bass-heavy, soulfully looped banger named after the aforementioned wrestling legend. With a properly placed song-outro skit containing an audio clip of the Million Dollar Man himself, we get into “Blowin’ Racks” featuring Ice Cold Bishop.

The next track we get further into the project’s narrative. “Spray” featuring Space Monsta narrates a chase with the police, with a track-end interlude of a breaking news report. The next track is a nod to the classic film “Menace II Society” with “A Wax and O Dog,” where TF, Bale and Trizz talk more skanless talk over a menacing piano laced beat.

Tracks like “My Section” featuring Bale, “Big Game James” with Jay Worthy,  “Lords In A Spaceship” featuring fellow Lord Mobb member G4 Jag and “Miami Nights” provide a diverse soundscape for the second half of the project before we return to another news segment reporting on mayhem in the streets, thus leading us to our final title track, “Skanless Summer.” It’s clear that summer came early this year, and with a Lord Mobb project up next, T.F is just getting started. Stream Dough Networkz Presents: T.F & Local Astronauts “Skanless Summer” below!

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Matt Ocon

Griselda by Fashion Rebels collector, underground head. Hip Hop enthusiast. Fly Family + Lord Mobb!!

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