Sg603 – “Glitching The Matrix” (Album Review)


Sg603 is a rising hip hop trio from New Hampshire. The group has been consistently releasing singles like “Hollow Earth” and “Time” for over a year at this point. With their newly found core following, they have captivated on their success by putting out their debut album “Glitching the Matrix“. Will the collective be able to make an experimental masterpiece, or will they be the next group of fake edgy musicians?

From the self-titled intro, we see the undeniable chemistry which the three artists contain between one another. “F**k a Pill” unravels some of their beliefs as we learn the trio is against the glorification of drugs. “Psilocybin” and “Psychedelic Party” continues the dark dive into their lives. “Push It” does a fantastic job at shocking the listener with its gruesome bars and intense subject matter. The album starts to truly feel multi-dimensional on “Chakra Protection”, which feels like the trios best attempt to enter what they believe is “the simulation”. Building upon these ideas, “Time” and “Nightmare” scare the listener into questioning their every move. Settling down “Conscious Breathing” is a solid outro as it eases the tensions which have been building up for nearly half an hour at this point. Overall, the concept of being inside of some sort of greater power was interesting, and the grimy delivery of each artist gives Sg603 and unmatched feel.

Sonically, the unconventional and spine chilling production of the record matches its hard to grasp ideas. Cuts like “Glitching the Matrix” and “Psilocybin” will throw listeners around due to their intensity. “Push It” was a standout as its hard bass makes it stick out from the rest of the album. “Chakra Protection” had my favorite instrumental as it feels like a sci-fi horror thriller. My only gripe behind the boards is that some moments mesh together due to their similar sounds. While staying under the branch of abstract and dark hip hop, “Glitching The Matrix” does a formidable job within its boundaries.

In conclusion, “Glitching The Matrix” is a solid debut from what could end up being the next leaders of experimental hip hop. The hardcore edge that the record contains made me feel like I was listening to a low-budget Death Grips album. Building upon this release, I hope the group can improve as lyricists and sharpen up their production a teeny bit. If you’re like me and want to see if Sg603 will be hip hops next sensation, follow @sg603music on Instagram!

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Concept, Production, Atmosphere

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