Syn – The BlakOut Ep (Album Review)

New York city artist Syn drops his new compilation “the BlakOut EP”, this album is full of surprises and engaging music. The album starts off with a real HIPHOP dialogue, setting the tempo for the album by reciting HIPHOP history to the listener. This takes you on a journey through the akasha of HIP-HOP, better informing you of the timeline of our culture.

The 1st track titled “Piece of the Pie” featuring Dylan Dili and Nobody, this is a smooth track deserving great statistics. The hook reminds me of John Legend’s soulful vocals. Each Emcee comes out strong verse for verse, the melodic alignment brings the whole song together.

As the EP continues self-titled song “Blak Out”, the high energy track with autotune attributes to the tape and gives it an expansive feel along with the banging production. The concept of the song is showing how good music puts the psyche in a trance hints the term “instru-mental” (instruct the mental). “Lemme Grab That” featuring Stoner Simpson is a certified club banger to get the party engaged, I can invision this cut in the club causing a very dynamic and comedic overtone. Syn shows of his versatility by mixing not only Trap, but HIPHOP & Soul.

The magic continues with “B.S.H” short for Ball so Hard, heavy attention demanding production as Syn comes in strong with raw clever lyricism and wit. The well put together musical compilation is why this album is definitely worth listening to, music lovers will eat this up based on the lack of well thought out albums. Follow Syn on twitter and keep up with new music & updates.

Highlights: Musical production


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