Taks One – “Cry Me” Ft. Awol One (Single Review)

Absolutely thinking outside the box on this one! Rising Milwaukee based underground Hip Hop artist Taks One blows minds away with his latest nostalgic, dark/experimental hard-hitting single titled “Cry Me” featuring legendary underground Hip Hop artist Awol One.  Taks One basically calls out all these fake MC’s who claim to do this and that, yet constantly complain about their music careers, in his own creative and unique way!  He also vents his frustration as a true underdog, clearly hearing his passion for the culture, displaying his crazy style, originality and his unique voice.  He bleeds RAW UNDERGROUND HIP HOP 100% of time on this single.

Man!!!, and featuring Awol One, one of my favorite underground Hip Hop MC’s of all time, is truly the icing on he cake.  Awol’s verse is insane, and for 2017 he still has it in him!!  As soon as I peeped the artwork for this single, I knew right away that Awol One was the one who designed it.  I have been a huge fan of his music and art for well over 12 years now and everything he drops is EPIC in my opinion.  Overall, this single might not be for every Hip Hop fan out there, but if you’re a true underground Hip Hop enthusiast, then you have to give this single a listen!

For the last week now, this single has been on my daily rotation, and every time I listen to it, it only make me appreciate Taks One more and more for contributing to real underground Hip Hop.  Make sure to support Taks One and listen to his existing catalog on soudcloud, and follow him on FB, Twitter & IG!

RATING: 7/10

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