Trizzy Trav – “Glass Ceiling” (Album Review)

Trizzy Trav New York raised artist released a new album titled “Glass Ceiling“. I 1st heard of from his short film “Winter in Buffalo” were he shows his acting skills and creativity. I was especially awaiting to hear the album as the cover gave me a trap type of vibe like a bullet hole shattered the glass and Trizzy is the last on standing. The album begins with a melodic introduction with a stylistic delivery reminding me of drake with Kanye West overtones.

I was excited as we went into the 1st song “Passion vs. Action pt 1” it starts with this rapid babbling style of rap caught me of guard in a good way. It reminded me of  one of our west coast forefathers Suga free. When the song started building the flow completely changes and you hear Trizzy as he swags his way through the 1st verse as the beat builds and takes you to a insane breakdown. “Passion Vs. Action Pt 2” the movie like vibe was smooth and put me right in trap boy mode. I like how he layers his adlibs were it sounds like chants and the switch of the delivery as the beats change.

I can see the writing ability being showcased as the album continues to the next track “Any other way” which highlights being your own boss again you see melodic elements and surpurp delivery. Trizzy is on his way what a improvement from his 2017 releases etc as you can see the drastic improvement. “BAD PASTures” was poetry in motion I loved everything about it substance concept and delivery. Trizzy put it all on the table with Ls and wins showing it all becomes a lesson in the end.

“#1 Contender” was a radio vibe forsure the brand ability is top tier I was watching a video in my head it gives the listener a romantic picture. what makes this song good is not the lyrics butt he blend of all of them together. Music lovers can appreciate this album for the sheer respect of sonic sound. “Three sides to every story” was like a cross of Kid Cudi & Big Krit, I like how

Trizzy was able to step outside of the box and create something abstract. The story of a broken love and the price of the true value. “Workin” is exactly what your girl and she flip out what a universal construct Trizzy creates with this song. The flow changes up from bars to fast past then completes switches up to a smooth vocal performance. “BaseSICk” was a quick melodic hitter for the psyche with a Drizzy delivery, The song ends with changing the mind state and living life to the fullest.

“Easy is Easy Does it” was a vibe, I appreciated the simplicity and still having a meaning to it. The real world bars “Like people have problems saying what’s on their mind” This album breaks the glass ceiling and has to be looked at from multiple angles. “Thoughts Of ambition” was classic I loved it as an outro record leaves the listener wanting more “Diamond in the the dirt from the earth I emerged” showing the deep thought projection but hard hitting bars. Trizzy album was entirely really good I recommend this record to anyone who just loves music. Follow Trizzy on social media for more music and news updates.


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