“Uncharted” Compilation (Album Review)

Independent record label Guin Records Presents: “Uncharted“, a dope compilation album featuring a series of young up and coming hip-hop artists who are setting out to make their mark on the world. Featuring artists DJ Cam Christian, TXMIC, Prophecy, Josh Culture, Devonte, Brotha CJ, Surve, Vigil, Prospectz Nation, Kid Craze, Thir13eenbeatz, Rino, Curtisay, Steady Creating and SamClem.

Listen to ‘Uncharted’ below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

The album’s sound is clustered due in part to the overwhelming amount of different vocals and productions. The project could have a roster of artists but should have had only one producer handling the boards and arrangement. The lack of direction with multiple producers shows the distortion, confusion, and misguidance that is needed on the project to execute a specific sound for the compilation. Displeasing due to the fact that the album takes you everywhere and leads you nowhere as the path quickly changes from track to track, leaving not one familiar constant.

The new collaboration is very fast-pace, lyrically, as the large ensemble is jam-packed with attention-grabbing abilities. Top to bottom, noteworthy talent but the wordplay quickly becomes challenging and less enjoyable as it is noticed that everyone’s sole purpose on the project is to out do the other. Child’s play best describes it, tough to determine how to feel about the project when all the artists are simply out to show off.

Packed with variety, ‘Uncharted’ quickly identifies as having no unity or direction as the chemistry among the ensemble is nonexistent. While the concept is brilliant, it appears to be too many variables that distract the number one purpose of the project, to come together as one. Individually, each involvement on the project is stellar; however, not much trading bars or technique chemistry as everyone is eager to have all the attention upon them. The project is meant to execute as one and make a powerful impact but until they all come together as one force, it only pot-shots the ear and plays favorites. A perfect example of the carbs in the bucket syndrome as by the end of the project there is not one memorable standout track.

Ratings: 7/10

Highlights: Concept

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