VOCALIZ – “Afrikan In New York” (Album Review)

Hip-Hop is international, the number-one genre in the world spanning across multi-continents. Birthing the rise of multi-cultural superstars from all across the world like up-and-coming Brooklyn, New York recording artist Vocaliz. The rising star created buzzworthy attention through the underground and is ready to surface with the release of his new album, ‘Afrikan in New York’.

‘Afrikan in New York’ is a 12-track jump-on point for newly discovered fans where Vocaliz relocates from the motherland to the Big Apple in pursuit of the American Dream. A cultural awareness project, Vocaliz is eager to show his new audience a little bit about where he comes from and the beauty that his culture provides the world through music. While not a prince, Vocaliz exhibits tradition and history through the album’s concept that many will enjoy.

Listen to Vocaliz new album below, courtesy of Spotify

Lyrically, Vocaliz steamrolls through the album and is instantly forgettable on multiple tracks as the project durates. Easily confusing, the verses come off as chants due to Vocaliz inability to stay the course of the production at all times. Always going against the flow instead of being the flow.

The album’s production is heavily respected as it reflects the cultural presence that made music what it is today. The sound is unique, educational, deeply-rooted in enrichment. Making it transitional, the album’s sound provides an atmosphere for Vocaliz to create and pay homage to his heritage. Great selections and ear from the rising NYC act.

While ‘Afrikan in New York’ culture concept is understandable from the sound, the body of work is lost in translation instantly due to the project’s lackluster flow and disrupting resonation. Vocaliz is easily drowned out with the album’s overbearing production that misdirects his lyricism and collapses the full-length collective. The message falls on deaf ears due to the muzzling of the content, majority of the project is misunderstood planting its cultural roots of obnoxiously loud instruments. The album is built on pride but crumbles from annoyances.

Ratings: 6/10

Highlights: Production

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