8tari Announces Debut EP “Lofi Punk” Produced by DJ Muggs for May 12 Release, Premieres Lead Single “Neon Sunburn”

Accomplished hip hop producer & founding Cypress Hill member DJ Muggs has signed Japanese born American transplant 8tari to Soul Assassins Records. Muggs & Sean Bonner are set to executive produce 8tari’s upcoming debut EP “Lofi Punk”, which is set to surface on May 12. Under the new label deal, 8tari has released the first single “Neon Sunburn” online across digital music outlets. It’s a magical soundscape that takes you on a journey through the streets of Tokyo on a rainy day, on the way to the coffee shop.

Born in Tokyo, 8tari moved to New York as a child & began piano lessons before returning to Japan at age 12. A freak accident with a prototype blockchain connected gashapon machine outside of a keki shop near Takeshita Street resulted in 8tari being decentralized, becoming an NFT. Lost in the network & no longer able to physically touch a piano, she began making beats. Down-resizing them for transmission at human audible levels, they soon began to fill the back streets of Shibuya. Thanks to an R&D budget provided by DJ Muggs, Soul Assassins Records & next generation hologram tech, she’s able to be projected into the physical world for short periods of time (until the lasers overheat). No longer limited by time & space, she can simultaneously perform in locations around the globe.

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