Ali Phattz (Springfield, MA) – “Neva Gon’ Change” (Official Video)

Ali Phattz latest video entitled “Neva Gon’ Change” Directed by White Ape comes as a response to the speculation of the artist blowing up and leaving his city behind.  “Neva Gon’ Change” will be on Ali Phattz mixtape “Separation” scheduled to release in May 2014. /// @fortuneinfinite

Ali Phattz – Derrick Nembhard, who goes by the stage name Ali Phattz, was born and raised in the Western Massachusetts city of Springfield, who most recently made headlines ranking in at #1 worst city in the U. S. to live.  Nonetheless, Springfield is famous for many things including the world renowned children’s book author Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. Springfield is also the Birthplace of the game of Basketball and home to four large American corporations, Basketball Hall of Fame, Smith & Wesson Gun Manufacturing, Peter Pan Bus Lines and Mass Mutual Life Insurance.

Ali Phattz’ parents taught him from an early age that his family and his Jamaican ancestry are two of the most important parts of life. That sentiment is embodied in the video “Truth” off his 2012 mixtape release, also titled Truth (video available on YouTube). Today, Ali Phattz has a family of his own which consists of his loving wife, Natisha and their four beautiful, active and intelligent children.

At an early age, Ali Phattz’ father introduced him to music, specifically reggae music. As  Ali Phattz grew in stature and in musical ability, he shifted his focus to Hip-Hop music. While only in high school and going by the moniker Class D, Ali Phattz was co-signed by popular local DJ, DJ Scope.  Ali Phattz would be the 1st artist a listener would hear on these DJ Scope mixtapes that also featured artist in the major music industry.

In 2009, Ali Phattz, along with three other individuals, created a brand and a company named Fortune Infinite Ent, Inc.  Fortune Infinite released their first project, The Infinite Compilation Volume 1. and once again, Ali Phattz set the tone for this project with the first track entitled “For A Reason”.  Since 2009, Ali Phattz has been showcased at venues in Springfield, Ma, Boston, Ma, Hartford, Ct, New York City, and scheduled to showcase in other cities as one of the artist on the Come Up DVD Tour.

Ali Phattz latest release entitled Truth 2: Carpe Diem, dropped on November 2, 2013.  Ali Phattz gives listeners true stories of the streets, relationships, friendships, and family on his mixtape, with an undeniable flow and lyricism to keep people intrigued.  Despite coming from a place that gets very little recognition, Ali Phattz and the Fortune Infinite team are creating their own lane to be heard, and recognized in the hip hop industry.  Ali Phattz has been shot, incarcerated, robbed, betrayed, and slept on but has yet stopped being the hottest rapper in Springfield.  Both Truth, 2012 & Truth 2: Carpe Diem can be downloaded at

”My stories are real, you can’t find one fraudulent bar in my lyrics, my flow is ill, my swagger is on point, and I can rock a show.  Usually you get one or two of those with an artist, but with Ali Phattz you get all of that” – Ali Phattz


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