ASHLEY DOMINIQUE (Long Beach, CA) – Bang Bang Bagarang ///

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Ashley-Dominique, born May 18, 1985 in Inglewood, Ca found her love for music at an early age. ” My mother and father had a great collection of vinyl and tapes, mostly Temptations and The Jackson 5.” AD started singing at 5 years old while performing at a family reunion doing a rendition of Whitney Houston’s I will always love you. After that point she began singing at plays and school concerts, acting has always been a big part of Ash-Dom’s life. She took theater for 7 years before finding her passion for hip hop. “I always loved the sound and elements of hip hop, but freestyling my poetry really got me into the hip hop community.” It was Lauryn Hill who showed AD the outlet, and Power 106 let her try out her skills on the Whoa Call! Since the age of 15 she hasn’t stopped spitting hot sixteens. Shania D also known as Dar Shania introduced Ash-Dom to recording. She is a ‘Motivated MC’, meaning she rhymes to motivate the people.

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