BIG STY (Richmond, VA) – Make God Bleed (Official Music Video)


Every now and then the Rap world needs a breath of fresh air. That time has come now with the long anticipated of BIG STY. For Hip Hop, Purist tired of the stagnant current state of the art form the return is long overdue. BIG STY made his debut in 2004 with the hit single IT’S A PROBLEM .when he called out most of Hip Hop’s current elite the track was metaphorical blizzard about of the music industry , executives and artist. Putting it bluntly when the single dropped, folks had a problem with BIG STY. The single was a receive rave reviews and launched his music industry journey .Although  he Hails from Richmond Virginia  and reps the DMV, BIG STY represents everyone who loves  the Hip Hop Culture and the  entire essence of what that means BIG STY is on a mission to make an impact not just with his music but with his philosophy. This Brother speaks his mind and is not afraid to drop “Some Science “.

BIG STY’S influences are a glance in to his mind’s eye .They include KRS 1, Ice Cube , LL Cool J , Biggie and Tupac. These artist not only had lyrical skills, they spoke to about  life , love , Hip Hop and what it means to be a Black man trying to make in a world with the odds stack against them. BIG STY grew up respecting many talented of veterans ,however it was the harder gritty rap of NWA and  Kool G Rap that made him want to pursue a career behind the mic. “I’m a product of what some people today would consider old-school – the times where lyrics and original concepts were the premise,” Sty explains. “These days, everybody wants to bounce. That’s cool, but I still feel there needs to be a balance between the two. I’m trying to bring that lyrical ability, that conceptual ability, and bring it to a point where it’s still tight and it’s still Hip Hop at the same time. My life isn’t a mirror image of the hood, but I represent each side of the hood”. BIG STY’S  has perfected an awesome  live show, and has opened for the likes of Juelz Santana, MC Lyte, Scarface, Outkast, and Lil’ Kim. After establishing a healthy street buzz with the mix tapes Best of Big Sty Vol. 1 and 2, a double album Stycology, subtitled Don’t Get Mad, Get Money on this project he made a conscious decision to keep it a local. project  show casing Richmond VA  artist “Where I’m from it’s hard for artists to get exposed, so I figure the same way that Atlanta and Houston artists stick together, there could be an outlet on my album for artists who don’t have that opportunity.  “Cry For Us”.

The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina affected many people around the nation permanently, and while Big Sty was not directly hit, he found inspiration for “Cry for Us” through his friends. “I was on the road doing a promotional gig,” he explains. “I passed through Dallas, and a friend of mine who was with me had family members that had just relocated from New Orleans. I had a chance to talk to them and see the whole struggle they were going through with getting situated. Hearing the story from their mouths prompted me to do the song”. “I’m a walking contradiction – what I feel today I may not feel tomorrow. Understand that I’m still a work in progress like everybody else. I say some things that I may regret, then again I may not. People keep saying ‘keep it real or keep it gangsta’ – I’m keeping it authentically me.”

Big Sty – Make God Bleed (Explicit)
Grind City Music
Director – George “Jig” Louden
Director of Photography – Hugh Burruss

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