Curt Sharp – “American Dream” Ft. Shlick Smit Solitude and A-F-R-O (Official Video)


The American Dream song exposes the utopian imaginary ideals largely based on symbols of status and achievements that we as Americans have been spoon-fed by everyone from Mainstream -Media to educational institutions, family,friends and Television to attain.The idea that we’re all created equal yet we’re all divided by creed, color & class shows the dichotomy that exists in modern society .

The track starts off with a vocal excerpt of a modern American male stating that regardless of where you from or how much money you have because your in America anything is possible to achieve. New York Emcee Shlick Smit tears thru this notion by starting off the Invizble Handz beat gliding through the pulsating drums and emotive strings with lines like ” share in a scheme /find a place in the triangle/ and you can be whatever money can buy you .” Bars like these clearly show the social disparity inherent in everything from lower to upper class American society. These Curt Sharp directed and edited visuals contain illustrated effects as well as video bytes of urban metropolis, riot scences, and cop cars merged into multi -color pictorials. Other guest emcees on this track include Solitude,Curt Sharp and recent Thorburn /Nature Sounds signee A-F-R-O.

This Is the American Dream
Produced By Invisible Handz – Twitter @inviziblehandz
Featuring Shlick Smit…
A-F-R-O “All Flows Reach Out”…

Mix and Master by Mr. Mike’s Media…

Download the audio for Free…

Visuals Edited By Curt Sharp

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