Dopekiid (Canada) – “Hallejujah” ft. Scrilla

Ottawa Hip-Hop MC DopeKiid releases his debut industry single aptly titled ‘Hallejujah’ Featuring fellow upcoming Canadian R&B sensation Scrilla. ‘Hallejujah’ follows the ‘Turn up’ style of high energy lyrical delivery combined with high octane drum kicks. Dopekiid’s impressive ability to add his own personal twist on the traditional Turn Up style of rap makes this track something you will want to add to your work out playlist!

A simple yet “Catchy” Hook instantly captivates listeners leading into fast-paced rap. DopeKiid’s range of lyrical ability can be best described as lyrical gymnastics for its flexibility. With Scrilla contributing the melodic ad-libs this record has a unique feel that will have listeners pressing replay!

Engineered by Lj Jagai, Hallejujah is an explosive introduction into Dopekiid’s versatility & skill as an artist. Hallejujah give’s us a clear vision of what to expect from his Debut Mixtape “The Most Un-Likely To Succeed,” while hardly spoiling it.


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