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Bina Shirley, also known as Erica Kane is an artist originally from the Bronx, who was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens. While she has been majorly expressive throughout childhood through art & singing, it wasn’t until 2009 when Bina Shirley first began rapping with fellow rappers and brothers D.Ox, Sailor Dev, and Jamaalyo in rap group GND (GiftedNiggasDream) established 2009. Bina Shirley represents an original reflection of today’s youth through her artistic expression through song. Bina Shirley is often recognized for referring to herself as Miss Erica Kane, being another representation of a deeper side of her. Erica Kane is often displayed with more attitude and less censorship, becoming more raw in expression and relate-able. Erica Kane in a way represents the troubled side of Bina, while Bina Shirley is a more passionate and sensual expression through her singing and fun-loving attitude, also relate-able to many, she represents a more powerful nostalgic view on life. She is love. She is maturity. She is music. Support the movement.

Erica Kane releases her mixtape entitled “Bad Daughter” in APRIL 2013 . Erica Kane expresses through singing and rapping the good, the bad, the ugly of the life of our generations women. Bad Daughters represent the life you live.

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