Goliath PAW (Canada) – “Higher” (Official Video)

Goliath PAWOne of the best things about working at the blog is the opportunity to find so many dope independent international artists, and GP is one of them.  We barely got a hold of Goliath PAW’s video “Higher” released a few months back, and it’s def a new sound in our ears.  A high caliber MC on a fast pace beat complimenting each other well in this song, and visual.  The YouTube response since November is not bad either.
Goliath PAW delivers an edgy and cool clean appeal that’s missing from a 
majority of rappers these days. Not since Will Smith has a rapper been able 
to captivate listeners without being degrading or corny. Nick named “Mr. 
Rock Pop & Hip Hop” Goliath PAW combines his love of classic/alternative 
rock and mainstream pop, all while adding his own unique style of rapping 
to the mix. To further set himself apart from his contemporaries Goliath 
PAW fuses new age Hip Hop fashion with a punk/rock star look. Extremely 
confident on stage Goliath PAW applies his own Hip Hop swagger while also 
taking from the personas of great Rock & Roll icons such as Axl Rose and 
David Lee Roth to put on a show that is guaranteed to be unforgettable.
With only two years down as an independent recording artist and no full 
length project released to the public as of yet, Goliath PAW is considered 
to be some what of a prodigy. Already establishing a huge online presence, 
Goliath PAW has a loyal following of fans he likes to call his “Pawtners.” 
Goliath Paw has already played in a number of festivals including North By 
North East. Has headlined for Canadian College and University frosh weeks. 
Has opened up for/played along side artists such as Ghostface Killah, Sheek 
Louch, Raekwon, Action Bronson, Styles P, and Killer Mike.
Now with his very first EP titled “Canary In A Coal Mine” release date set 
for February 2014, Goliath PAW is set to promote it with a cross Canada 
tour set for March, along side a huge international Hip Hop artist. 
As a child, growing up in a small town gave Goliath PAW a unique 
perspective on people and life which continue to influence his songwriting 
to this day. His mother, who he considers his hero, encouraged him to join 
his church and school choir from a young age thus spurring his lifelong 
love for music
WEB:  http://www.goliathpaw.com
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