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HiFadility is pleased to present The Traveler. His third self-composed album is a journey through music that neutrally illustrates the negative and positives of the human condition that everyone can relate to.  While The Gateway symbolically opened a space for the traveler that allows for emotional movement, The Traveler is an exploration of humanity.
HiFadility says:
“The Traveler is a project that looks into the layers 
of people. In all of our complexities, it cannot be overlooked that 
we are constantly moving through time…experiencing this thing 
called life. Day to night – blue sky to grey – left to right. Our 
environments are always changing and with it so do we. In a day, 
perhaps, we do not think that we are “changing” or perhaps we do 
not think that anything changes at all, but that would be slightly 
overlooking the beauty of change and the responsibility we have in
interacting with it.”
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