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On May 25, 1984 @ 7:22pm @ Centinela Hospital Medical Center in Inglewood, CA a Mother and Father Both 26 welcomed Keith Parker Jr into the world. As a child Keith was living the life, Had tons of friends, Achieved good grades, And respected his parents. Until one night while asleep Keith began to have a seizure, a medical issue that know one in the house hold knew of, the family had to rely on the instruction of the 911 dispatcher if they wanted to save Keith’s life. Shortly the Culver City Paramedics arrived but it was too late Keith didn’t have a pulse, Determined to revive the child the paramedics did everything in their power too make sure that Keith would have a second chance, and due too that Doctors at U.C.L.A. Medical Center were able to run test and determine what the issue was, as well as perform emergency surgeries.

After cutting Keith from ear to ear scalp to skull doctors figured out that Keith was being prescribed the wrong sinus medication for over 4 years which resorted in a tumor growing. Still alive but in a coma Keith clang to life as doctors informed the family of his 0 – no chance of ever walking, talking, and remembering himself or others. 3 days after that conversation Keith awoke and in a state of shock, yelling and screaming let me go let me go, quickly drawing the attention of nurses and doctors. Not only did Keith awake from his coma, he had full feeling in his body, he was talking, walking, and remembered everyone in his family. Fast forward years later, Now days you can find Keith –K3– Parker living out his dream of being a respected entertainer.

A passion that -K3- picked up as a youth when he discovered battle rapping a talent that graduated into a love for the art of writing and performing music. Loaded with desire, knowledge, and a unmatched game plan -K3- and his Dotted Line Management team has built and impressive resume. -K3- has opened shows for the likes of Dj Quik, Lil Kim & Buster Rhymes, Paul Wall and More. Keith -K3- Parker is living proof that GOD is real and that dreams will come true if you give it your all. Please visit www.hulkshare.com/iamkthree to hear -K3- Hits such as “Drinks On Me” “Spend The Night & “Krow”

fan link: booking/contact iamkthree@ymail.com


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