King RA (New Jersey) – “I’m In The Area” ft. Sir Reks (prod. by Luka) Official Music Video


King RA teams up with Serbian producer Luka & the 2010 German DMC Champion Sir Reks on his new single “I’m In The Area” which is the second single off Foot On They necks V2 (Thee Album).

Jersey City, New Jersey representative King RA is East Coast Hip Hop’s best kept secret but, not for much longer as he is poised to unleash his unique brand of Hip Hop on to the world and will not settle for less. Utilizing his powers as an emcee for good King RA plans to preserve the Hip Hop culture globally with incorruptible music that comes from the streets. With a storytelling ability that is similar to great American authors and an incomparable sound and delivery, when King RA touches the mic he commands attention and delivers the gritty truth with every bar that comes out of his mouth.

Growing up in an environment where King RA’s father exposed him to creating music by playing the guitar and piano it was inevitable that he would be doing the same. Although the emcee was influenced by many different genres and finding the greatness in all music he found that he felt the most love in Hip Hop. He was able to relate to the great storytellers of the culture. It wasn’t until the late 90’s when he focused his efforts towards rhyming and producing and even then it was more so a major hobby. King RA spent the next few years fine-tuning his skills, learning his craft by listening to those great lyricists like Kool G Rap and Ghostface Killah, drawing inspiration, a keen sense of delivery and a passion for the mic.

They say that you have to do something for 10 years before you can be considered an expert at it and in 2010 King RA earned the title of Emcee after taking the first part of the millennium to get where he felt he could lyrically match those who paved the way. King RA’s style is reminiscent of the past, remaining true to the craft of emceeing while giving his realistic, raw, thought-provoking and honest rhymes a refreshing twist, taking his sound into the present and then pushing it into the future.


Since taking his distinct brand of Hip Hop from a hobby to a professional endeavor King RA has accomplished a lot in a short period of time and yet remains humble and true to the culture he loves. He has performed on stages in Boston, Philadelphia and all throughout the Tri-State area including opening up for the likes of Maffew Ragazino, Rasheed Chappell and Nitty Scott, MC to name a few. He was also asked to, and performed at the Jersey Fresh Jam, Trenton, New Jersey’s premier urban arts festival. King RA has also appeared in an episode of Spittin In Da Wip as well as The TURNTABLEIZM Show. He has also gained the support of such premier Hip Hop blogs like,, Undercream Institute, and many more.

King RA released his first professional project in 2010 when he dropped The RA EPic. The emcee definitely believes in quality over quantity by releasing just two other projects since The RA EPic. In 2011 he took his time to craft the 16-track banger Foot On They Necks V. 1 followed by his 7-track Hip Hop opus, The Last Dragon EP in 2012.

Along with the three projects King RA released he has also worked with producers all over the globe and been featured on numerous projects including DJ Brans’ The Branstorm LP, SciFi Stu’s BloodLP and Rich Mahogany and Trilian’s Headknockers EP. He has also been featured on multiple singles including “Warm It Up” featuring Tone Liv and produced by 2 Hungry Bros., “Get Em” produced by Bunty Beats, “The Crazies Vol 1 & 2” produced by SciFi Stu, ”Melon” produced by Mishap “Blaze It Up” produced by Rice Master Yen, “I Gotta Get Paid”featuring cuts by DJ Hush and production by M.W.P., “Aquafresh” featuring cuts by DJ Mentplus and produced by DJ Priority and most recently “Crackz” featuring junclassic produced again by SciFi Stu.

King RA’s years of dedication to the craft, desire to preserve Hip Hop through good music, realistic, raw, thought-provoking, gritty and honest rhymes, distinct voice and determination to make timeless music sets him apart from other emcees that are simply making music for the time. You can always expect to get quality over quantity with the music the New Jersey emcee puts out. Be on the lookout for more from King RA as he prepares to push his artistry beyond even his wildest dreams in the very near future.

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