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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j0savhjK7U&w=640&h=360]


The song is a jazz motivated, Jill Scott (He Loves Me) sampled boom bap mix up produced by el-R. The video is a story playing off of the idea of love and disappointment. Usually men are shown negatively for using women with ulterior motive but this video shows how women can be wrong as well by being overbearing & coercing. Their full Ep entitled pHree EP will come in upcoming summer 2013.

While most young boys were outside playing sports and chasing girls, the cousins Joka and T.O were writing rhymes and planning their future in music. T.O.’s older brother introduced him to rap at an early age and Joka was a young writer. After T.O. began rapping, he convinced Joka to switch from writing poems to writing bars.

In Lansing, MI, .kom began as a cousins and best friends with a mutual interest in music and a desire to become Kingz of the Mic. Through the years, there have been several members that have come and gone but the core members have remained constant.

Ten years after their introduction to Hip Hop, the duo released their first mixtapes, released several videos, opened for platinum-recording artist, Ludacris in front of 15 thousand people and recorded with one of their idols. Through all of this, they have learned to follow their passion and to remain close. .kom’s goals of creating more great music, touring the world and learning from the great are what lead them through their journey through the music industry. The always entertaining Joka and the precise and organized T.O. have a solid structure to build an empire upon.



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