Lost Analog (Kansas City, MO) – “Quiet IZ Kept” (Back II Broke)

Back II Broke

Lost Analog is Brett SAVAGE & Indigo Cain, from Kansas City, MO. We have been consistently putting out music for 4 years. Our sound is completely underground DIY, sample-based Hip-Hop. We both produce all of our own beats, and both write all of our own lyrics creating our own unique sound. The name, Lost Analog refers to the importance of the crate diggin’ mentality. From the time we started out in Kansas city, MO, we both have won numerous battles, and have gained notoriety through our beats. The buzz from winning the battles has given us the opportunity to play major venues in KC, MO as well as opening up for national acts such as Louis Logic, Copywrite, Blueprint and Count Bass D. Our newest album, is titled “Back II Broke”. Our minimalist production style creates a sinister backdrop for our high-end lyrical abilities and gritty content. This album paints a vivid portrait of our real lives, laced with street narratives. From songs like “Street Walkers” that deal with mortality and the death of a loved one, to “Menudo” that focuses on the emotions of coming from a broken household. With its raunchy lyrical content, songs like “Meat Purse” shamelessly portrays gritty, and at times uncomfortable subject matter. With song averages at about 3 minutes, tracks like “Connect” give you the sense of a one round knockout. This is due in large part to our mutual hardcore punk background. At just under 30 minutes, this album is meant to be heard from start to finish as it’s a complete thought. “Back II Broke” was not made for any crossover commercial appeal, and is strictly for the Heads. Enjoy




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