Mahogany Jones Releases Inspiring New Single ”You Got This”

Nostalgically smooth R&B overtones lead us into this soulful melodic & passionate hip hop fusion single from Detroit’s one & only Mahogany Jones. Initially feeling like a slept-on classic from R&B’s past with warm retro tones & an inspiring & delicately enchanting vocal hook from featured singer Macklyn, “You Got This” builds further upon that inspiring aspect with cleanly mixed, all the more impassioned vocals from our leading artist. Mahogany’s bars unite personal anecdotes & accessible, welcoming references for a song & storyline that ultimately bridges the gap between creator & audience showcasing vulnerability whilst offering that motivational sense of possibility & escapism that so many seek out in music.

Designed to help free listeners from the weight of the world, the single essentially reminds us to keep moving forwards, to stay focused on the good. It’s a heart-to-heart at its core with both the music and lyrics intertwined in this shared degree of comfort & positivity. Impressive as ever, somewhat humble in style & nothing flashy or fake: just the music & the intentions & a raw yet engaging, faultless performance. “You Got This” promises an overall vibe that lingers & keeps you keen to re-listen.

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