Maiselph (Beaumont, CA) – “Marque Mai Words” LP

Maiselph – Marque Mai Words


Maiselph’s second full-length album release of 2013. Titled “Marque Mai Words”, this is a play of how the industry requires us all to legitimately create a brand or ‘marque’ for ourselves in order to market ourselves as a product.

Born February 6, 1989 in Anaheim, CA. Currently Residing in Beaumont, CA. Maiselph refers to himself as Selphmai but prefers for you to refer to him as Maiselph. A Member of Yours Truly, Maiselph has proven himself to be one of the most abstract riddle-rhyme stylists actively propelling the Hip Hop Culture to new heights. With 6 Full-Length Free Album releases in 2012, Maiselph came out the gates swinging at any thing he could hit. With his latest and most ridiculously well-rounded 2013 collaboration LP release with 2Mex (SonGodSun, OfMexicanDecent, TheVisionaries, ShapeShifters, ProjectBlowed), Maiselph is further pushing his career to bigger levels. After Performing at Paid Dues 2013, Maiselph recorded 51 still unreleased collaboration tracks and is releasing a solo LP on December 31st, 2013!

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