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LA rapper, Michael Nhat (pronounced nawt), releases on youtube his 7th music video for his 5th solo album “Those Born of a Ghost” available on cassette tape. The crackle and crisps of vinyl, Woody Allen’s voice repeating “It doesn’t have to mean anything it can be just something beautiful to watch” is just the beginning. A Tito Puente piano-sample fades in and then … singing. Not rapping, just singing. Nhat, seances a thumping number with lyrics, as no surprise, on par with Tom Waits as opposed to Rhianna “The first knife wasn’t made by a human, wasn’t made by a human, but by a serpent losing his arms by the second, losing his arms by the second…”

“Those Born of a Ghost” cassette tape
Download at: http://michaelnhat.bandcamp.com




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