N.B.S. & Snowgoons – “We’re All Equal” (Trapped In America)

Exhausted and frustrated with they’ve seen in Ferguson and beyond; N.B.S. connects with longtime collaborators Snowgoons to tell the story of Emmett Till and Mike Brown. Chronicling the scarily similar narratives of the two young men separated by more than 50 years, N.B.S. urges others to be aware and involved.

Known for their intelligent streetwise approach to truthful hip-hop, cousins Flash and Knuckles recently returned from a tour in South America to put the finishing touches on their long awaited sophomore release ‘Trapped in America’. A politically focused and hood-inspired tale with production from the power house European team Snowgoons (responsible for recent releases by Raekwon, Onyx, MOP, Ghostface Killah, and Kool G Rap).


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