NEMONICS (Houston, TX) – Bebe’s Kids (1999)


Originating from Houston, Texas, Nemonics is a dude whose name says it all. Nemonics is a play on the word ‘mnemonics’, which means any device that helps you to remember certain information. For him that means going back to the lyrics in hip hop to remind listeners that lyricism is a big part of this art. Through his music he continues the remembrance of the age when positivity, dopeness and awareness were in the forefront of hip hop; The Golden Age. Nemonics started off flowing in cyphers in the school hallways and lunchroom of his high school. That’s when he realized the power of words and fell deeper into crafting his lines.  Having been influenced by a wide range of music throughout his childhood (Names like Sade, Shabba Ranks, Fleetwood Mac), and by the Golden Era as an older cat, he has crafted his own unique style.

His album, “A Thousand Pictures”, dropped at the end of 2012. It has already been praised by reviewers. A reviewer with Vents Magazine said it “truly will not leave you the same after listening.” His favorite and most critically acclaimed tracks from ATP are “Bebe’s Kids”, “Runway”, and “Digital”. Nemo is continuing to record tracks for his next album whose title is to be announced. He stated, “This new project is really forward thinking.” Nemo also said,” I have good messages to put out and I do it in way that the youth can still relate, like what Tribe did in their time but only now it’s 2013.”That album is scheduled to be released in early fall of this year. He’s currently working on his next music video as well doing performances in both the Houston and Austin, TX area. Get familiar. Check out his stuff and you will quickly become a fan. Get connected with him:


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