Next Of Kin (Denmark) – “Horrorphonic” Instrumental Album

Next of Kin
Next of Kin

“Horrorphonic” The debut album that gathers more than 10 years of music, from Next of Kin´s murky cellars, is about to be unleashed on limited vinyl (250 copies), limited cassette tape (50 copies) and up for free downloads.

With a love for the old and forgotten b-movies, Horrorphonic could be described as an Instrumental Horror Hip Hop record with a cinematic feel to it.  Lots of raw beats, some scratching, a dusin well played instruments ranging from synthesizers, hammond organs to electric guitars, all spiced with cinematic atmopheres on top.  And there you have it ”the perfect soundtrack to a nightmare”.

Next of Kin hails from Copenhagen Denmark and has produced Hip Hop for various Danish acts since 1995. He has a love of hip hop that stems mostly from the golden era, which shines through on Horrorphonic. The album was composed from the darkness deep within a MPC 2000 XL and spliced with a lot of scratches and live instruments.

Horrorphonic by Next of Kin
by Next of Kin
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