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The new EP “Not The Same” by recording artist Nu3tron will be presented by the street wear clothing company Analyze and Interpret. You can listen to the EP for free on “Not The Same” produced by LISN, It’s Nu3tron’s follow up record after his very successful self-titled album Nu3tron. The album Nu3tron was released on the record label Technicali Sound which features world renowned artists and producers. After touring across the nation with live stage and radio shows, Nu3tron is ready to step out and show and his amazing writing ability. With heart felt reality and moving songs that changed his life forever, hopefully they can change yours too.
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“From the ashes I rose.” Those five words represent Nu3tron’s whole outlook on life and influence for his highly anticipated album, “HUSTLE OR STARVATION”. With a big, new sound and lots of energy, this album is expected to make a huge impact on the underground hip hop world. While “HUSTLE OR STARVATION” embodies personal transformation, the world may need to transform as it makes room for a rising star in Nu3tron.

The development of Nu3tron’s artistic skills is the result of a passion for music from the age of eight. Nu3tron chose to surround himself with friends that had the same interests at a young age, specifically music. Although neither of his parents were musically inclined or shared this intense passion, his father can be credited with sparking his interest in the music scene.

His first introduction came when his father bought him his first stereo. Hearing the sounds triggered a reaction that first led him to break dancing. Break dancing was a way to experience the music through physical expression, however break dancing was only the beginning. Nu3tron was born and raised in Anaheim, California and it is here that his talent developed. After listening to his stereo and learning from different types of music, he bought a digital 4 track and started recording with Holocost of the Wu Tang Clan. At 17 years of age, he decided to become serious about his identity as an artist and recording. It was at this time, Nu3tron realized creating all aspects of the music would be his main life goal.

Nu3tron was immediately drawn to the sound and flow of underground hip-hop. It was through this genre and his work with various artists that his talent as a songwriter and artist grew. He began to perform at local venues before hooking up with well-known label Technicali, featuring LD and Ariano.

Nu3tron will always be quick to point out that all tracks he creates have a meaning and lesson behind them. They come from true experiences and stories from real people in his life. Everything in his environment has an effort on the type of songs he creates.

Finally, after perfecting his unique style and sound and working with Technicali, Nu3tron is posed to release his first single, “HUSTLE OR STARVATION”. His choice to release this single has a deep meaning to the album and his motivation for his musical career. It’s all about hard work and dedication to be successful. This single is sure to establish his presence in not only the hip-hop realm, but in other genres of music as well.

Although his musical journey began in Anaheim, it has expanded throughout Southern California, Los Angeles, Arizona, and Colorado as a result of his songwriting and performing abilities. Nu3tron is a multi-talented artist willing to work in various genres, making his music easily relatable. Nu3tron’s musical skills are sure to establish him as a star in all these locations and locations across the United States.

“HUSTLE OR STARVATION” along with other songs from his album, “Phoenix” are created from experiences Nu3tron or those close to him have encountered. All tracks have a meaning and send a message to all listeners. These tracks lead Nu3tron’s music to be easily described as “radio friendly, conscious, underground hip-hop.” Nu3tron is a flexible and multi-talented artist willing to expand into other genres when the opportunity arises, as it surely will with his single release.

The appeal of his music arises from not only hard work, but from being on the hip-hop scene for ten years. Nu3tron has graced the stage with some of hip-hops leading names including Too Short and 2LiveCrew. This performing experience and energy filled music gives Nu3tron the ability to make a mark on the music scene.

Nu3tron’s touring schedule has become increasingly busy, with more followers and the interest in his music building. It seems that the more people listen and become aware of Nu3tron’s music, the more in demand he becomes. Recently, his music was given a slot on the college radio scene in New York, which is just the beginning of the distribution. He is building a loyal following which now spreads from coast to coast.

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