Ogden Payne (Austin,TX) – Yves Saint Laurent Music (Official Music Video)

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Before he released his second mixtape, Late Night Thoughts Vol. 2: Fame & Misfortune, Austin, Texas based hip hop artist, Ogden Payne, was determined to become a man before he became an artist; it would unknowingly take him two years to reach a point where he was able to let the hurts and anger of his past go.
Throughout his journey, Ogden was trying to get a grip on what life is truly about. After a failed long-term relationship, he found himself lost, hurt, broken, and broke at 20 years old. Music being far from his main focus, Ogden was looking to defer his attention off of himself and began to help others who were in dire need of life’s essentials that he had taken for granted. Within a year, Ogden slowly put his life back together piece by piece and began to have a positive outlook on life that he never had before. But something was still missing.
Realizing the impact that the positive words and relationships he had with people who had been in similar situations sparked something in Ogden. He began to want to stop a cycle of young adults suffering from a lack of direction. Ogden finally found the selfless calling he had been searching for in life.
Fueled by pain and inspired by growth, Ogden finished his second mixtape, Late Night Thoughts Vol. 2: Fame & Misfortune, with the help of his friends, Joel “Isaac Haze” Fentanes and Skip Downey. Fame & Misfortune documents a story of one young man’s adversities with the hopes of helping another struggling young adult grow beyond their hardships.




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