Speed On The Beat A.K.A. SOTB – “Late Night Movie Show (Independent)”

Speed on the Beat (a/k/a SOTB!!!, and yes, the exclamation points are needed) is an artist/writer from Baltimore. After facing his share of hardships, including losing both his parents before thirty, previously untreated mental illnesses, and a slew of other issues that could make someone say “woe is me,” SOTB!!! opts to use his music to educate and inspire. SOTB!!! also has made noise on the writer’s side of things, through his pieces on his personal site, Boi-1da.net, and other outlets.

“Late Night Movie Show (Independent)” is an homage to Speed on the Beat’s upbringing in late-80s, early-90s Baltimore. The song showcases Speed’s story in a way that conflates some of his earlier projects into a more-digestible, easily-accessible, less-“no-fi” manner, without losing any of the wit that SOTB!!! has come to be known for. The song is the second single from his upcoming Baltimore Commercial Break: From Juke Joints to Greatness project.


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